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Including: Kitchens, Domestic & Commercial Spaces.

Why replace, when you can REFURB and REFACE.

This Coffee & Cocktail Bar in Chepstow, wanted to have a marble top without the crazy price tag.  So we wrapped the plywood top in 'Matte White Marble' back in 2020.  Roll on 3 years and they wanted to extend the bar so plywood bar was created and we wrapped it in again in the 'Matte White Marble' architectural film.

There were two new bar tops added for extra seating/storage which we also wrapped in 'Matte White Marble' to match not just the bar but all the 'marble like' seating tables in there.

Time saving is key to the wrapping process compared to traditional methods, no need to evacuate the space as there is little disruption and mess used in the application process.

Refurb & reface with architectural film.
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