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We offer 5* Lifetime Warranty!

Window tinting is sure to improve the look of any vehicle, while providing privacy and blocking up to 99% of UV rays.


We mainly stock 5% limo, 15%, 30% and 50% films but there are other shades available.

Front window legalities below;

The UK law states that the two front side windows, i.e. the windows either side of the driver’s head, must have a VLT (visable light transmission) of >70%. That means that at least 70% of light must pass through. Most modern car windows are made of glass with a 80-70% VLT, so even a very light film applied to the front windows will take the VLT the wrong side of 70% and therefore will not be legal.

Instrumented Checks

An instrumented check is performed by a suitably trained officer with a VLT meter. These checks are normally from Vosa roadside campaigns.

65%-46% VLT: Advise only – The driver will be advised that the legal requirements have been breached.

45%-30% VLT: Delayed prohibition – The driver will be given a prohibition notice and will usually have 10 days to have the film removed before going to a vosa testing station to have the VLT re-checked.

<30% VLT: Immediate prohibition – The vehicle is considered dangerous and cannot be driven until the film is removed.

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